Another Terrible Incident

‘The incident of evil Equus’ represents an animal abuse that hang a dog behind a car or a motorcycle and driving on a road (For your information, at 2012, an Equus driver had driven a car (Equus) at a highway with a dog that was hung behind the car).

Two days ago, similar incident occurred again. One black dog was hung behind a car and dragged on a road. At that time, the speed of the car was over 80 km/h (49.7 mi/h). We could not figure out whether the dog was already dead …before the dog was hung or the dog died during driving the road.


We, CARE, accused that driver to the police and demanded a severe punishment. We are doing our best to secure more proof to punish that driver and to find that driver.

The president of CARE stated, “At the first incident occurred at 2012, the driver was acquitted of the incident because we could not prove whether the driver was on purpose (For your information, the driver said he did not know the trunk was opened). However, this time, we will do our best not to happen that again”. She also said, “Although this terrible incident is keep occurring, the animal protection law in Korea cannot stop it since it is weak. Though we were mounting a campaign to make a strong animal protection law, we will mount a legislative campaign more hardly so that not only this kind of act but also any kind of act such as giving a mental stress to animals can be an animal abuse to punish animal abusers.”

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