Animals Suffering due to Human Selfishness

In April 2016, one elephant died at Angkor Wat where it is a historic site of Cambodia. This elephant died of a heart attack as this elephant had not rest for a long time at over 40 degree temperature.

Cambodia’s elephant abuse problem has been raised consistently.

Elephants were tied up in an iron fence and if they did not do what the trainers want, the trainer hit their head with a hammer. – 2015 Trip Advisor

Cambodia’s elephants receive a severe training, called ‘The crush’, since they were baby. Water and food are not provided, and the elephants are suffered from physical damage. – World Animal Protection (WAP)

As a well-known fact, African elephants are dying mercilessly due to their ivory by poachers. About 100,000 elephants have been sacrificed in Africa for three years since 2010. The number of elephants has decreased dramatically since 1979 until 2007 from 130 million to 470,000. The Kenyan government had declared ‘War against poaching’ and confiscated 105 tons of ivory, and burnt it. The price of ivory traded in the black market is $1,000 per Kg. The price of ivory that the Kenyan government burnt is about 100 million dollars.

Not only elephants, but also other animals are sacrificed for fulfilling the greed of human beings.

Fortunately, these days, changes are happening, although the change is small. The largest elephant circus troupe of the U.S., Ringling Brothers Circus, had abolished the elephant show since 1st of May. This was able because there was a consistent pressure from animal protection organizations including the Humane Society. Sea World, the famous theme park in the U.S., also decided to shut down their show as the documentary ‘Black Fish’, which revealed the hidden side of killer whale show, released.

WAP estimated that about 55 million animals such as lions, monkeys, and dolphins are still suffering in animal shows.

It is necessary for us to have constant interest and action to eradicate animal abuse and to respect all life.

Featured Image: Éclusette, Ban Kwan – Prairie, Size, CC BY-SA 4.0

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