About Selling a Life

You must think again deeply about this question: “How much is a Maltese these days?”

There is a dog factory that produces a lot of dogs at suburb area.

The owner of the dog factory stated, “Nowadays, there is good money in selling Pomeranian. Big dogs are not good because is cost a lot of money to feed them”.

He is talking about the value of dogs as a product.

The interviewer asked him, “There could be sick dogs or dead ones. What about them?”

He replied, “There could be handicapped dogs. Then, throw it out. Bury it or burn it. Cremation is the best because it burns really well. Or gather it in one place and give it to anyone. In this industry, the important matter is whether the dog can be money or the dog can be sold well as a product. Dogs have a meaning as a product not as a life”.

In the action house, there are dogs in a yellow box that will be traded. People who bought the ‘products’ are checking their ‘products’ whether there is a flaw or not. The animals born from the dog factory are transported to the auction house at first and then go to a pet shop. Every product is in the system of production-distribution-sale-consumption. Unfortunately, animals’ destiny is also in this system.

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Interviewer 1:

“We can buy dogs and cats in anywhere such as on the Internet, market, or in the veterinary clinic, these days. I think that is the reason why people throw animals out so easily. We keep the clothes that we bought really hard for a long time but we easily throw out the clothes that we bought from the Internet where we can easily get. It’s the same.”

Interviewer 2:

“In the beginning, animals were accepted as a product. That’s why people are thinking it can be thrown out or the relationship can be cut off easily.”

Consumers purchase what they want easily. And they also throw it out easily if they have some ‘realistic’ issues such as getting married, moving, or getting pregnant. People who raise pets compare their ‘realistic issues’ with the value of animals. Human is judging and estimating animal’s life. Is that adequate?

Can you easily forsake the relationship that was built with your heart? Then why did we raise animals?

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