The Story of Jindol

Few months ago, there was a horrible incident.

A dog was supporting his body with only two legs. He lost both of his hind legs. As the lost part of his legs was the same, we assumed that it was an intentional animal abuse. We could hear the story from 911 who rescued this dog. They found the dog, named ‘Jindol’, under the bridge with only two front legs. As the bridge was very far from the village, 911 assumed that the owner threw Jindol away after he cut Jindol’s legs with an ax. 911 told us that when Jindol was found by people, he went closer instead of running away from that people. After they rescued Jindol, they called us (CARE) to save him.

We have saved a variety of animals in various situations. Yet, the case of Jindol was extremely shocking to us as well. When Jindol first came to our center, his appearance was too awful. He was supposed to be white but he was so dirty that we could not recognize his original color. And he was extremely nervous and shocked as there were a lot of people around him. So we placed him on a single room to let him take an absolute rest.

In the case of human, the part below the knee was cut. As that part is cut, Jindol needs to step on the ground with his knees. We are doing our best to protect his injured part by putting socks and shoes on his legs, yet he always got blood on his injured part. It is really hard to imagine how Jindol suffered and endured from that horrible day.

Did our love delivered to Jindol? As time goes by, he opened his heart to people. It might feel terrible and scary for Jindol to see human yet, he always come closer to people by dragging his hind legs. When we see this, it makes us feel sorry and embarrassed.

Animals should not be harmed by anything even that is a human.

Animals should not be abandoned even they have disability.

They have the right to live with happiness and healthiness since they are a being as we human do.

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