Special Campaign for 11 Cats Rescued from Cat Factory

In June animal rights organization CARE exposed an illegal cat factory. Overall, 53 cats were rescued.

Thankfully many cats found a new family, but there are still 11 cats without a name looking for a loving family. For those 11 cats and for the people, who cannot come to the cat factory in Ilsan, we will hold an Adoption Campaign in front of the CARE office at Wonseo Park (in Bukchon).

A new name and a new family – please give those cats a new life!

  • Adoption Campaign Date: Saturday, August 20th, 3pm – 5pm
  • Adoption Campaign Location: Wonseo Park next to Hyundai Office Building

Because of the hot weather we cannot run the event for a long time – so we will only be able to be there for two hours!

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