Mary, Victim of Hydrochloric Acid Attack

Mary was attacked by someone with hydrochloric acid. We went right away to Mary after receiving the report.

The situation was worse than we thought. There was a lot of purulent discharging from the wound and the scars were getting larger compared to the picture that we received.

We met the owner to transport Mary but it was not easy since the owner was old and stubborn. The owner told us that Mary will be okay if he keeps giving a medicine.

It was really hard for us to persuade the owner so we took him with us to the nearest animal hospital. After examining Mary’s condition, the vet told us that it is more serious than we expected so Mary needed a cure as soon as possible.

With the help of the vet, we were barely able to persuade the owner to hospitalize Mary at the hospital. However, Mary was too nervous that he could not eat properly and the owner was also worried about Mary so we decided to perform an outpatient treatment.

Now, Mary is receiving treatment and we wish he can get improved as soon as possible.

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