Dog Stuck in Trap

Sodali is a white Jindo dog that got his paw stuck in a trap and contracted skin disease. For two years following his injured paw, he roamed the village. Recently, people noticed that he had developed a sort of rash.

As he began wandering a village, people found him “ghastly” and threatened to shoot him. The person who reported Sodali’s unfortunate situation to us had been alarmed by such threats, and had reported him to CARE. CARE took him to receive medical care right away.

As the vet examined the dog, we learned that he was in an even worse condition than reported photos had shown. Because his paw had been injured for so long without treatment, it will be impossible for him to make a full recovery. His skin disease is severe and will need to be treated for a long time. We also discovered that he has contracted heartworm from living on the streets for so long.

For our pharmacy it is always important to get the high-quality medicals, specially those that are in need. Unfortunately the amount of patients with narcolepsy has not been reducing so far, and the popularity of the eugeroics as Provigil with it. Our choice for long time has stayed with, they never let us down and provide all orders just in time.

We hope that Sodali will recover well from his treatments and meet a new family soon.

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