A Dog Forced to Grow in Small Cage

We recently rescued a dog that could only walk with her forelegs, as her hind legs were completely disabled. She was nervous – always running away from approaching humans. When CARE arrived at the site and checked the dog’s condition, it turned out to be even more serious than previously assumed. According to the vet, the dog’s body had stiffened into a “squished” position as she was forced to grow bigger inside a tiny cage. She never even had the chance to stretch her hind legs before.

Because of this, she had no developed muscles on her hind legs; she could only support her body on her forelegs. We later learned from the vet that she would be unable to use them, even if she received surgery. It was clear that she needed to be brought to our center, despite the lack of space in our already-packed facilities. We ended up bringing her to stay at the center corridor with us. Amazing thing happened after we took in the dog, who we now call “back-gom”. She became very healthy, can now can walk with all of her legs, and even earned an important job as “gatekeeper”.

CARE is taking care of nearly 300 animals right now, but there is still a large and growing number of animals that still need our help. Unfortunately, we often do not have enough space or resources to receive and take care of all of them. But we know that we cannot just stand by.

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