We condemn animal abuse committed for ecological study in national parks

On 21st of June, 2016 we CARE received a report that there is a cat suffering from the tightened neck which was decomposing by a location tracking device.

Bukhan Mountain National Park Office had released six cats with attaching wireless location tracking device on their neck for a purpose of researching the ecosystem in the national park. However, the condition of one of these cats that attracted the reporter’s attention was terrible; the cat’s neck was rotting due to the device which was continuously tightening the cat’s neck (Picture 1 and 2).

So the reporter asked Bukhan Mountain National Park Office for rescuing that cat. Yet, Bukhan Mountain National Park Office did not listen to that call. Instead, they told the reporter that they will charge a fine on the reporter if he/she gives any food to the cat. Moreover, as the reporter kept complained, they criticized the reporter.

After receiving the report, Without Bukhan Mountain National Park Office’s help, after four attempts, CARE hardly rescued the cat and took the cat to the hospital for surgery (Picture 3, 4 and 5).

CARE discovered that the office had attached the device to six individuals at 2014 for collecting data of wild cat’s characteristic and action of habitat usage in the national park.

In February 2016, CARE recaptured one individual and released it after detaching the device, but it was not able to identify other individuals. CARE assumes that exhaustion of the battery or natural death is the reason why it is difficult to find others.

Although the National Park Authority knew already that it is a very difficult task to recapture the wild cats, they did attach the device to the cats. The fact is, this device can stop any time depending on its battery which means that cats will be living with the device, which cannot even work as a tracker, causing discomfort through their lifetime.

In their (National Park Authority) defense, they said the territorial investigation through location tracking can be an alternative for preventing and preserving the ecosystem. Yes, of course, the investigation is needed to improve the ecosystem but, this case shows us that people are only considering the research. They are neglecting the safe of animals and the side effect of the process of research.

Organizations such as the National Park Authority must perceive that there are lots of animals suffering in the name of research.

Now, CARE condemns the Bukhan Mountain National Park Office for using animals just as a tool not considering as a life.

CARE is working with a lawyer to get the result of the research and will open to the public of the result. For the sake of animals, we will pay more attention to prevent animal abuse in the national parks.

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