Support for Healing Shelter – Part 2

It was coincident that I met ‘Bodam’.

When I had been to the countryside for work, I heard a screaming dog voice.

It was not a barking sound. It means exactly what it says; screaming. I never ever heard that kind of sound in my entire life. I went there right away to check what is happening. Shockingly, someone was frying a dog alive in a fire.

Someone, who is called “The owner”, was burning the dog with a gas torch even the dog was alive, even the dog was wriggling, and even the dog was screaming that it is hurt and scared.

I could not ignore it so I yelled at him.

“What are you doing?!”

He replied, “What? It is not your business. It is my dog so I can do whatever I want.”

“Even you are the owner, how can you do that to a live dog?!”

He did not even reply to me and again he went to his dog with the gas torch. The dog was screaming so I again yelled at him.

“Please, stop. Please. I will buy the dog.”

At last, he turned off the torch and asked: “How much are you going to give me?”

I told him, “I will give you how much you want. Just please release the dog first.”

When the owner approached the dog, the dog was shaking and could not even bark.

My hand was shaking as well while I was counting money. If I had not passed there, the dog, named ‘Bodam’, could have died with a terrible screaming.

I could not understand how can people, who are called the owner, do that to a life?

A dog is not a product even though we pay for buying and selling. Clearly, it is a “LIFE”. We cannot treat a life like that.

However, the owner said that “You are weird. We all do that to live.”

Coincidently, I saved Bodam but, other dogs will be killed horribly like that. I feel so upset if I think these kinds of situations will keep occurring.

Is there any way to stop it?

This story is about a situation that a person, an outsider, who observed a terrible incident accidentally. These days, still in the countryside, people do not consider hitting or burning a dog as a problem. Their common thought is “We used to do that. What is a problem?”

So even a dog screams “I am dying.” they don’t care. They do not think it is an animal abuse or illegal action. They think it is fine to do that because they have done it for a long time.

However, according to ‘Animal protection law’ in Korea, damaging the animal’s body alive, collecting body fluid or even installing a device to collect body fluid is an animal abuse. Therefore, the violent action enacted to Bodam was an illegal action.

Because the old custom of eating dogs is lasting, this kind of violent action keeps occurring. A lot of animal protection organizations, including CARE, are arguing to prohibit eating dogs. The times have changed. Compare to the era that Koreans did not have any food to eat, nowadays there’s plenty of food. We can get enough food from everywhere. Moreover, over ten million people are raising animals as a companion in Korea. Attitude toward animals and awareness of animal rights should be also changed with the times.

There are opponents claiming that “Why do you organizations only care about dogs? Why not cows, pigs and chickens?” Opposing dog meat is not just ‘protecting dogs’. This is connected to the protestation that every animal has a right to live without pain. In other words, we are saying that even people eat animals inevitably, let’s guarantee their rights such as living in a pleasant environment, not be killed in an inhumane way, and no need to suffer from unnecessary pain while they are living.

Can you imagine how painful and scary when Bodam was burnt alive? Unfortunately, there are other ‘Bodams’ that are suffering and dying from severe animal abuse today. Now, Bodam is under CARE protection. If the reporter did not have the courage to stop the animal abuse, then Bodam should have been cooked after burnt. As you can see in the picture, Bodam is a white dog but, the scar of a burn is distinct. Blood often pool and fester in the burnt part. Bodam is still suffering from the fire that hurt him at that night. Bodam cannot socialize with other dogs due to the severe internal and external injury. Bodam needs to use one room because there is a risk that Bodam can make an impulsive action. As Bodam slightly avoid people, we are assuming that Bodam had experienced an abuse before getting burnt. Yet, if you wait and take some time with Bodam, Bodam accept you and try to have a connection with you. Even though Bodam experienced a terrible incident about human, Bodam wants and is waiting for a warm care from people.

Although we want to take care of Bodam until he recovers his body and soul from that incident, we have not enough places to look after dogs like Bodam who needs a long-term medical care. It is urgent and necessary for CARE to have ‘Healing Shelter’ to protect and take care of friends like Bodam.

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