Promoting Pet Industry Extends Puppy Mills

An old problem, the truth of puppy mills finally pumped up by televising on “동물농장 (Animal Farm)”, a Korean TV program about animals.

The problem of puppy mills is not only in the poor environment and cruel breeding mode such as medical treatment from an unqualified person but also on the concept that a life is considered as a product. However, the major problem we must solve is the cruelty of puppy mills stemming from the concept.

Yet, the government announced that they will support puppy mills. And also, they stated they will establish auctions where puppies, which are separated from their mothers, can be sold. Furthermore, they declared that they will legalize animal sales including fish, reptiles, etc. via the Internet. These announcements will lead to overproduction and impulse buying which will result in animal abuse and abandonment.

In Korea, the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry is regulating an ‘animal protection law’ which is ironic in that they are breaking the law by cruelly slaughtering animals. However, there is no law to establish private animal shelters for us to protect animals. In this situation, where the government is instigating overproduction and impulse buying, what can we, the animal protectors, who are handling all the corrupt industry without any support, do?

The only thing that we can do is rescuing abused and abandoned animals and releases them in a large pleasant yard in front of Cheongwadae (청와대), the Korean presidential residence.

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