Can you even imagine how painful skinning is?

Did you know not only mink, raccoon, chinchilla, rabbit, fox and angora, but also companion animals such as dogs and cats are used to make clothes and accessories?

In China, people capture abandoned dogs, cats and wild cats at the street and use their fur in a shape of fur of foxes and rabbits to export to the world. Korea is one of the countries where it imports the fake fur and sells to consumers by deceiving them as a real fur. Most fur, especially producing from China, is made by taking the animal’s skin off with a conscious state. Human will never know how painful it is when their skin is taken off consciously.

In our opinion, it is not necessary to have, actually it is no need to have animal products such as fur and leather as it is able to make various products with a variety of materials, that animals are not used, these days.

Now, fur made in a cruel way must be exterminated! CARE has been trying hard to keep notify the cruelty of fur industry in Korea, to abolish fur industry, to advertise alternative fashions for reducing fur consumption by holding campaigns and fashion shows that do not use animal materials in Korea and China every year. In our experience, many Korean are now recognizing the cruelty of the fur industry through our activities and campaigns. However, China produces 40% of fur in the world so it is an urgent task for the Chinese to recognize the problem of the fur industry as well.

We desperately need your help and effort to conduct more campaigns every year in Korea and China, to investigate fur industry more precisely, to reduce the demand of fur in Korea, and to decrease China’s industry.