53 Cats Saved From a Cat Factory

News has been blowing up lately about the horror that is dog factories. But have you heard of cat factories?

Recently, Animal Rights Group CARE caught an illegal cat factory red-handed.

CARE rescued over 50 cats from the unsanitary, unsafe, and uncomfortable container that they were being held in. We were helped by a veterinarian and several volunteers to clean the infested pens and the cats that were barely surviving in this filth. They are currently undergoing examinations and further treatment.

Most of the cats are currently suffering from a virus that has a 10% survival rate and all 53 must find a home or temporary care within 2 weeks. CARE would like to provide these 53 helpless cats, who were treated and sold like objects, with a second chance at happiness.

Please help us make this a possibility!

We need you!

We rely entirely on people like you. Help us rescue more animals in need by becoming a regular donor.​
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