Kumdoongi’s Cry for Help

On April 4th, 2016, CARE’s rescue team received a request for help in the mail. A woman had found Kumdoongi near a restaurant owned by her parents. The dog’s skin was severely torn off due to burns and continued to bleed with every movement.

With the message, the witness sent a photo, within which we could see that the dog’s leg bone was clearly visible and its toenails not present. The situation was truly terrifying. CARE’s rescue team rushed to the scene and immediately found Kumdoongi wandering around a factory in Incheon.

How long was this dog suffering – alone and trying to cope with the pain?

After further checkups by the hospital, we found out that Kumdoongi not only had a heartworm but also had to remove his injured leg.

Kumdoongi was rescued from a near death situation. Kumdoongi survived and fought through the pain alone. With the life and body that Kumdoongi has left, we want to make everything else the best it can be. Please help us to gift this warm hope and love to Kumdoongi.

We need you!

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