5 Terrible Truths about Pet Shop Puppies Breeding Centers

An accurate account of the horrendous situation, as aired on TV this past Sunday

1. Breeding is forced, not natural

If the females were not pregnant during the dogs’ mating seasons, the factory workers would forcefully grab the two and breed them. If this too was unsuccessful, the workers would collect the males’ semen in a cup and inject it into the females, a completely immoral and disgusting act against these animals. The people at the breeding center simply called it “artificial insemination.”

2. The C sections were conducted by non-professionals within the factory

For the dog mothers that struggled to birth naturally, the factory claimed to have conducted C sections – a shocking claim. They even went on to show the tools and illegal medications that they used to handle the surgeries and proudly stated that they were not medically trained.

The affiliated workers also said that they received ketamine from an outside source – a sedative that is not easily accessible to the public – and continued to discuss failures that they had during surgery. These statements confirmed that they compromised all of these animals’ health for the sake of saving money.

3. The newborns do not get to be with their mothers

After the terrifying c section, the puppies were not even allowed to be nursed by their own mothers. Instead, they were taken to mother dogs that were not of their own breed and fed there. In addition, the original mothers were injected so that they could not nurse entirely.

4. Pet shop puppies must be separated from their mothers only 2 months after birth

Currently, Korean law prohibits the sale of dogs under 60 days old. However, the puppy factories are aware that potential purchasers pay more for younger dogs, and as a result, the puppies are sent out to auctions without a proper period of nurturing by its mother.

Veterinary experts have stated that the quick environmental changes and lack of mother’s milk definitely will have affected the puppies’ immune systems and could lead to a multitude of diseases. These dogs would also be left with behavioral issues for the rest of their lives.

5. The puppies are auctioned off once they leave the factory

The puppy auction sites are exclusive to members, and the scene witnessed within is terrible on every level.

The dogs are put on the stand like objects and described as consumer goods. Furthermore, the auctioneers emphasize how puppies are 2 to 3 times more expensive than the older dogs that are sold off.

The worst fact about this entire situation is that it is difficult to take punishment into the legal realm due to a lack of evidence that shows specific laws being broken. The only matter that we can take into legal punishment is the use and acquirement of drugs without a license. Nevertheless, police have said that they will be looking into the owner of the breeding factory in order to take further measures.

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