40 Dogs Left to Rot in Breeding Center

This February, we received a report of an 80-year-old grandpa who had been keeping around 40 dogs in captivity. We were told that he was keeping at least 40 dogs in 20 cages on one floor of a building.

After contacting the old man’s guardian, we were able to find out that the initial purpose of the dogs was for breeding. The man started out by selling his first dogs’ puppies, and the money he made tempted him to invest in more and more dogs to breed.

“The grandfather was no longer in a position to take care of the dogs due to his Alzheimer’s”

Once he was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s, the old man could not take care of the dogs entirely. He had kept them in captivity for 3 years without any word to the neighbors.

When CARE’s rescue team arrived, the dogs’ cages were entirely filled with excrement and the floors were crawling with cockroaches. In the midst of these terrible conditions, we even found a recently birthed puppy and her mother.

“Ruby must undergo surgery due to severe malnutrition”

The dog you see below is Ruby. She suffers from a condition that has prevented nutrition from properly reaching her liver. She is currently eating special food and medicine and will undergo surgery in the near future.

Although she spent most of her childhood in the worst of conditions, Ruby is extremely optimistic and full of energy. She loves to play with the other dogs and the people around the center at all times. She is looking for a great family to fill all the emptiness in her heart with love! You can be that family!

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