Jjongi Rescued After Snout Tied for One Week

On March 24th, 2016, we received a photo. It reminded us of a photo that we had seen earlier that year of Hodu, the dog who was rescued in Kimhae with a fishing line tied around his snout. We were hoping that this was just a late report of the same case, but to our dismay it was not.

The photo was of a different dog with his snout tied, and looked just as painful. ​

Our rescue team was shocked that yet another case like this had occurred.

The dog in the photo was severely emaciated, probably due to his inability to eat, and appeared to be in a much worse condition than Hodu.

We rushed to his rescue immediately, only to find that the dog was nowhere to be found. However, we were able to talk to the owner who confirmed that Jjongi had been tied up for one week.

Jjongi was on the verge of fainting any second, and we knew we had to find him so we began a search.

We found him in a field about 1km outside the town. Just as he was about to give up on life, we found him and brought him to safety.

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