Help This Collie Couple Regain Their Health

Every day their screams were heard throughout the neighborhood. At the scene of their discovery, the male collie was lying limp due to physical abuse on its spine and the female had completely broken rows of teeth. How could anyone even think to harm a life in this way?

The situation revolved around a man who constantly abused his dogs and his wife who wanted desperately to rescue them from the situation.

The screams of terror from the recycling center were those of the Border collie couple. The two were tied up and weak. The male had several injuries to the spine as well as a weak bone structure which led him to be almost immobile. The female, on the other hand, had completely shattered teeth and visible nerve endings.

Even though the neighbors reported the situation but the police left with nothing but a warning and the dogs were left to the abuse again.

After CARE was notified of the situation, the two were rescued and taken into intensive care at the hospital. They are currently receiving treatment and need your support to completely regain their health.

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