Desperate Message from Student

CARE received a heart wrenching story in the mail from a man who was taking care of his paralyzed mother. The son, a college student, went on to explain how his mother took in any abandoned or hurt dogs on the street to take care of them as her own, despite their financial situation.

Unfortunately this led to a lot of discomfort and complaints from around the neighborhood, so the family had to move to a rural village in order to take care of the strays.

The man sent this plea to CARE because they were unable to take care of all the animals, with his mother in the hospital, his father at work, and himself at school.

Meanwhile at the village, the locals were threatening to kill the dogs with rat poison if they did not take them away. On one occasion, they even destroyed the shelter that the dogs were kept in out of spite.

The message contained a call for help, along with a promise that the man would devote his life after employment to serving underprivileged animals.

CARE knew that delaying rescue could result in all of the dogs’ deaths, so we made the decision to get them out as soon as we could. The 14 dogs that were rescued were all very loving and full of life. The only problem was their medical conditions – all 14 of them had heartworms and some had other diseases.

Rescuing, treating, looking after, and re-homing so many animals is expensive. We always rely on the generosity of donors like yourself who can give a little or a lot to help the animals in our care. With your support, we can rescue, treat and re-home more dogs like these.

Thank you for your continued support.

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