Our Mission

CARE was founded in 2002, by So Youn Park. 

We are the largest animal rights organization in South Korea, with more than 80,000 members. 

Funded solely through member donations we actively rescue, rehabilitate, and re-home, with more than 300 animals in our care at any given time. Our facilities include three no-kill shelters and two adoption centers—the first of their kind to be established in South Korea.

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Raising awareness is an important part of our mission.

CARE campaigns against all forms of animal abuse and exploitation, including factory farming, dog meat, vivisection, whaling and the fur industry. CARE also promotes a ‘don’t buy; adopt’ culture, and holds educational seminars on a regular basis.

CARE continues to campaign and lobby the South Korean government for improvements to animal welfare legislation. Our efforts have recently seen amendments to the South Korean Animal Protection Act, which now includes much better safeguards for animals and penalties for abuse and cruelty.

In 2014, we established the CARE Education Center to hold meetings with various constituents, including the Korean Red Cross and local governments, as well as have the ability to conduct regular animal welfare and animal rights workshops for our community, and telecommunication lectures in colleges and high schools across the country.