Presdient's Greeting

The core spirit of CARE is to provide a voice for the voiceless

Currently, animals are used for the selfish benefit of humans, suffering from mental and physical abuse in the process.

CARE has never compromised its ethics for recognition, profit and growth. We have also tried not to lose our initial passion while watching the animal rights cartels and fighting against social barriers.

Even though animal rights activism is lonely and wearisome, we choose to continue to fight for animals as their pain and suffering far exceeds that of ours.

presidents greeting banner

Founded in 2002, CARE was reorganized in 2015 as an animal rights organization to provide emergency animal rescue

We watch over animals wherever they may suffer

CARE not only tries to save animals, but also attempts to raise awareness, change attitudes and encourage protective legislation to improve the situation for all.

While expanding the range of animal abuses, increasing penalties and implementing imprisonment for offenders, strengthening animal welfare monitoring, providing standards for local animal shelters, introducing licensing for puppy mills, various legislation and regulations were championed by local citizens. However, more still needs to be done.

We need to demand more improvement for animal welfare. Justice is not only for humans, it needs to include animals. CARE will continue to fight for this.

I read in a book there is a star around which live beings who protect animals, and who sometimes come to Earth to do the same.

If you are an animal lover, you too are from this place.

We can make changes if we don’t lose hope. CARE will be with you and all the animals.

CARE President / Animal rights activist

So Youn Park