Moran Market Still Selling Dog Meat

Headlines in the press are misrepresenting the closure of Moran dog meat market in Seongnam City, South Korea. These errors need to be corrected.

Moran market is still a dog “meat” market. Not one business has actually changed, as was promised by Seongnam City Mayor, Lee Jae Myeong.

On Monday February 27th, at a press conference at Moran market, the chairman of the Guild of Merchants, Kim Yong Buk, announced that Moran market would continue to sell dog meat.

Only the display and slaughtering of live dogs would disappear. The selling of dog meat would remain. Seongnam City did not keep its promise to support a change of business for merchants. Talking to the merchants, they tell us that they actually want to change their businesses.

The dismantling of the display and slaughtering facilities will mean that only those things that make us uncomfortable will disappear. The slaughtering will continue hidden from view, and from the animal’s point of view, nothing has changed. This also means that there will be less oversight of the management of the dog meat industry.

Seongnam City still retains the largest dog meat market.

We must be careful to not let the emotion of a small “victory” obscure the facts. Moran dog meat market has not closed down.

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